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TMBQ: Who Is Penn State's Most Indispensable Player? ()
Black Shoe Diaries

Only Tyler Davis Until Penn State Football ()
Black Shoe Diaries

The Brief: Tracking the Rise and Fall of Ken Starr ()
Texas Tribune

SEC meetings in Destin ()

No Longer Out-Numbered: Penn State Football, Basketball, and Hockey Rosters Fill Out ()
Black Shoe Diaries

“@ChiTownLionPSU @BNYMellon well Karen benefited from some favorable demographic data too.” ()
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“@ScottPaterno You wonder how people like Karen Peetz ascend to positions of Presidency at places like @BNYMellon-and then u remember bailout” ()
Twitter / ChiTownLionPSU

“@ChiTownLionPSU I actually confronted Karen about it in an email she declined to respond to.” ()
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“@ScottPaterno Mind: BLOWN.” ()
Twitter / ChiTownLionPSU

“This happened back in '12. It's a true story.” ()
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“'Karen Peetz' son told a former teammate of mine that JoePa had to be involved with the disappearance of DA Gricar.'” ()
Twitter / ChiTownLionPSU

ChildLine needs proper funding, staffing ()

Bohls: For the Big 12, will it be more Texas-OU fight or flight? ()

Ian McCaw of Baylor Bears resigns after Jim Grobe named interim coach ()


ESPN Has Lost 10 Million Subscribers Since 2013
FOX Sports

“What the hell are you people doing out there??”
Twitter / William Bender

“'Too much redacted' ain't good 🤔 Just ask #Freeh”
Twitter / wensilver

Baylor recruiting is collapsing amid scandal, *and* top freshmen might not enroll
SB Nation

“No to number 3. Exact opposite please...more lawsuits against the BoT. Many more. @wensilver @jhsmith409”
Twitter / pdf

“good article for those who doubted the numbers just don't add up for ESPN. They are in HUGE trouble...”
Twitter / Bluevod

NCAA might not sanction Baylor after what happened in Penn State incident
FOX Sports

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey addresses possibility of conference realignment
SEC Country

“@PS4RS @StateCollegecom DPW specified law in '01 required V2 himself to report.”
Twitter / Adam Clark

Penn State Football is a Calling For Chief of Staff Jemal Griffin

“So @Bagwell4Trustee - any idea if @DougGansler finds collusion among the Usual Suspects & the former OAG? 🤔”
Twitter / wensilver

Penn State football podcast: Glancing at the Pitt-PSU rivalry with Jerry DiPaola of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

How Art Briles' philosophy led to his dismissal from Baylor

Every Power 5 Conference's Sleeper Team for 2016
Bleacher Report

Only Kyle Vasey Until Penn State Football
Black Shoe Diaries

College football bowl predictions 2016: 80 teams, 41 games, one national title showdown
Sporting News

Baylor Bears hire Jim Grobe as interim coach

Penn State football podcast: What are reasonable expectations for DT Kevin Givens in 2016?

Building the perfect college football program from the nation's best parts

In 1981, college football was ruled by teams from Pennsylvania and South Carolina - Football Study Hall
Football Study Hall

“Advocacy is great but action is better. I worked with PCCD on child abuse focus on problems.”
Twitter / John Yonchuk

Dissecting Pepper Hamilton’s report on Baylor’s failings
USA Today

“@MHver3 @Bluevodreal @flugempire”
Twitter / Movietime Blues

“To be released Tuesday, at 2 p.m. in Harrisburg, the interim report by Doug Gansler on the #Porngate emails....”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

Penn State Football Schedule 2016: Nittany Lions Game Dates

Baylor Bears hire Jim Grobe as interim coach

Power 5 Conferences thicken their wallets, according to website

NCAA drastically increases its spending on lobbying
USA Today

SEC Spring Meeting preview: What to look for — expanded alcohol sales? SEC baseball tournament’s new home?
The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.)

Stroudsburg Mini-Thon helps raise over $80,350 for kids' cancer research
Pocono Record (Stroudsburg, Pa.)


“.@RaaShad_TTG is Penn State's most underrated player. He should be a huge dynamic weapon for the 2016 season. We Are”
Twitter / PSU Football Fans

“Penn State has a 'great chance' to land RB D'Andre Swift; PSU cornerback recruiting under James Franklin, and more”
Twitter / Penn State football

“Following the Sandusky scandal, @CourtneySoliday has one thing to say: Thank you Penn State”
Twitter / HuffPost Sports

“@rollingstone you screw up but like UVA rape story you made up--real people deal with your mistakes.”
Twitter / Jay Paterno

Heather Cox Expected to Leave ESPN After Nearly 22 Years
The Big Lead

“Kane spokesman quits: 'Tired of explaining the inexplicable'”
Twitter / Seth Williams

“.@Zigmanfreud isn't this what everyone was saying Paterno was supposed to do”
Twitter / Brian Hagberg

Bell: The perfect coach to clean up Baylor
USA Today

“ESPN 300 WR Hezekiah Jones has also decommited from Baylor”
Twitter / Max Olson

“Hey @RollingStone - judge said uncorroborated source claimed joe was told in '76. Maybe check facts with Jackie?”
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“And here is the true story of the We Are Cheer creation”
Twitter / Lou Prato

“Can't wait to get to work at Penn State, literally counting down every single day. #DreamChasing 💰”
Twitter / Ⓜ️iles Sanders

“Also, her line about Joe not valuing children is wrong and offensive, but proves a point in other arenas...”
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“It strikes me that Penn State has a pretty special group of young running backs, and here's why (from @saquonb21 ):”
Twitter / Jourdan Rodrigue

“Why even bother with a trial? 🤔 what a farce it's all been”
Twitter / wensilver

“Wow. Big RTKL victory. @NaumanSmith”
Twitter / Ryan Bagwell

“Per a source, Baylor RB signee Kameron Martin doesn't plan to enroll next week and has asked for release from his letter of intent.”
Twitter / Max Olson

“@posas13 @Doctor_alesmith @BrianBarcaro yes, land grand does not mean state owned or controlled. It is a bizarre arrangement.”
Twitter / Ryan Bagwell

“It's too bad MSM isn't discussing the YUGE damage done to PA citizens by Fina & Corbett which swept Kane into office”
Twitter / wensilver

“My latest @npquarterly article on Jerry Sandusky's #SecondMile”
Twitter / Carrie Collins

“Also means @NBCNews @Tom_Winter is so insecure about his hearsay he checks message boards. Emails are 'open records' to MSM but not BWI?”
Twitter / Nellie R

“⚜ BROTHERS ⚜ #StupLyfe #WhoDat #Nola @saints”
Twitter / Nathan Stupar

“Shouldn't the @NCAA punish Baylor for their 'culture?' They inserted themselves at Penn State. Need consistency from an org. worth $1Billion”
Twitter / Steven Bench

“@Gawker so Baylor football players raping Baylor students is somehow Penn States fault? 🤔 horrible headline”
Twitter / Rich Wehringer

“Time to test your memory. Who said what after the scandal broke? @ScottPaterno @NCAA @penn_state Answers in 2nd pic”
Twitter / Jimmy W

“Three-star safety Donovan Stiner decommits from Baylor”
Twitter / Max Olson

Attorneys: 11 former students prepare to sue over digital camera hidden in Hershey School bathroom

“A question that should've been the first asked instead of an afterthought 4.5 years later. Need forensic accounting!”
Twitter / Carol Pilgrim

“In which @NBCNews @Tom_Winter thinks it' Ok to write articles based on hearsay, but display of actual SOURCE isn't?”
Twitter / Nellie R

Kane spokesman quits: 'Tired of explaining the inexplicable'

“Not comparing Baylor to PSU, but had a caller ask how to handle scandal as an alumni. Here were my initial thoughts”
Twitter / Chris Law

“No, I don’t think the NCAA would or should propose Baylor penalties due to moral missteps. One lesson learned from Penn State.”
Twitter / Joe Schad

“ICYMI: Save The Date 🔵⚪️June 11th in PGH Franco's 'Upon Further Review' w/ @RayBlehar & @BradleyBethel”
Twitter / wensilver

“Kane spokesman quits: 'Tired of explaining the inexplicable' Fast Eddie's mouth piece”
Twitter / Greg Bucceroni

North Carolina ends Penn State women's lacrosse's season in NCAA semifinal
The Daily Collegian

“@Gawker @Deadspin I think you mean, the NCAA DID NOTHING, not PSU”
Twitter / Peter Gozenya

“Good intentions, but you fall short on facts and critical analysis. RT @Marci_Hamilton: Thank You, Penn State”
Twitter / ChiTownLionPSU

“Yes. Yes it does....”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

“Did those in charge at Jerry #Sandusky’s nonprofit know about the #abuse and look the other way?”
Twitter / Nonprofit Quarterly

“Hanging w/ your @penn_state family this weekend? Please make sure they vote! And continue to fight for who #WeAre.”
Twitter / PSUTruthville

“Thanks. @MrsFadell @npquarterly Worst of all, TSM had very few rules to PROTECT children”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

“#BreakingNews: York YMCA CEO charged with endangering welfare of children”
Twitter / Harrisburgers

York YMCA CEO charged with endangering welfare of children

ACC sees revenues spike nearly $100 million in 2014-15
NBC Sports

“'Harrisburg is not a due diligence operation' 👉🏻”
Twitter / wensilver

“'Rumor & Innuendo' I've seen this movie before 🤔”
Twitter / wensilver

“The scandal at Baylor makes it clear Penn State did nothing to change college football.”
Twitter / Gawker

Money Nike, Under Armour pay college sports teams skyrocketing
Business Insider

Texas Athletics master plan produced (University of Texas)

“@OnwardState Earlier today in Ireland...the Boss still sporting the 'hat' 👍#WeAre #TheBoss”
Twitter / Wade Davis

John Estey the Latest in PA's Corruption Chronicles
The Philadelphia Citizen

“Very similar to how @NBCNews and @Isikoff buried the Alycia Chambers CHILDLINE report @Bagwell4Trustee @wensilver”
Twitter / Nellie R

“Seems clear that Baylor only released a summary of Pepper Hamilton's findings to avoid any chance of waiving attorney-client privilege.”
Twitter / Ryan Bagwell

“So in other words - the media wore Chuck Ardo down. Sounds legit. 🤔 the media sux”
Twitter / wensilver

Baylor proactively hires law firm to hedge against NCAA-Penn State repeat

Only Ryan Buchholz Until Penn State Football
Black Shoe Diaries

UCF, Aresco focus on American growth rather than Big 12 expansion
Orlando Sentinel

“#PennState news: Maryland women’s lacrosse tops Syracuse, advance to NCAA title”
Twitter / Penn State On BTN

“Credit Ole Miss for knowing when to release its NCAA notice of allegations - Friday before 3-day weekend - and day after Baylor scandal.”
Twitter / Matt Murschel

“Waco PD Took 'Extraordinary Steps' to Keep Baylor Football Rape Accusations Quiet, School's Apology Rings Hollow”
Twitter / reason

Waco PD Took "Extraordinary Steps" to Keep Baylor Football Accusations Quiet, School's Apology Rings Hollow

Time to end the chaos
Centre Daily Times

“Armour: Baylor's punishment should come from legal system, not NCAA via @usatoday”
Twitter / Dan Wolken

“Let the countdown to Penn State Football begin.”
Twitter / Onward State

Analyzing Under Armour & UCLA’s $280 Million Deal
Footwear News

“HERSHEY SCANDAL: Philly uber-lawyer Tom Kline sues Hershey School over ex-employee who hid cam in boys dorm bathroom. Kline has 9 clients.”
Twitter / Bob Fernandez

“Baylor hired powerful law firm, in part, as hedge against possible Penn St penalties.”
Twitter / Dennis Dodd

Audit outlines 71 violations as DHS struggles with growing caseloads

“Penn State women's lacrosse faces UNC today with a spot in the National Championship game on the line.”
Twitter /

Penn State Women's Lacrosse Set for NCAA Semifinal

Chuck Ardo quitting as Kathleen Kane's spokesman
The Morning Call

PA Lawmakers Work To Clarify Background Check Law
CBS Philly


Dauphin County says outside judge will handle Penn State case

5 Colleges Where The Tailgates Are Even Better Than The Football Games
Elite Daily

“@PS4RS 'Raykovitz said he was assured by prosecutors that The Second Mile and its programs were not targets of the investigation.'”
Twitter / ChiTownLionPSU

“Did @NBCNews @Tom_Winter state the communication was 'off the record'?”
Twitter / Nellie R

Penn State football podcast: Looking at Brandon Bell's health, how recruits view PSU uniforms

Baylor proactively hires law firm to hedge against NCAA-Penn State repeat

Report might cripple Baylor’s football program
The Detroit News

“Gang!!⚪️🔵@DamionOTOD @Micah_Parsons90”
Twitter / Big5️⃣Yee5️⃣

“@OnwardState the case is crap, Kane knows it's crap, Castor knows it's crap, Beemer will have this crap all over his shoes. 🤔”
Twitter / wensilver

“Hmm. Seems @PennLive has a football culture 'problem' in their comment section. 🤔”
Twitter / wensilver

Report on inappropriate state emails to be released Tuesday
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

College Football Preview: A Look at the Nation's Best Receivers

Predicting The Outcome Of Every College Football Game This Season
College Spun

Christian Hackenberg: A Jet In Repair
The Sports Quotient

Big 12 expansion: Cincinnati is putting its best Power 5 claw forward

Armour: Baylor's punishment should come from legal system, not NCAA
USA Today

“@AmericaMarches @AnnCoulter @Zigmanfreud @ChiTownLionPSU JZ had guys like you summed up perfectly when he said this:”
Twitter / MtNittany

“@CGreen63 @Bluevodreal if ND and Texas moved next year the Big Ten would get a billion a year”
Twitter / Expansion_crush

“.@schadjoe Given the facts, Graham Spanier need not do the self-examination you are suggesting.”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Next step in former PSU administrators' Sandusky report case? Finding a judge

“Four+ years later, and the Curley/Spanier/Schultz case may finally go to trial. New ruling:”
Twitter / Onward State

“.@schadjoe < Did u know the #Freeh Report confirmed Sandusky committed no crimes on PSU's campus after 2001?”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

“Just got a call from an @AP reporter. No idea what about, declined to even hear it. So if they say I said 'no comment,' that is inaccurate.”
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“This year will be one to remember @saquonb21”
Twitter / Penn State Videos

Kane to release special prosecutor's initial report on email scandal Tuesday
The Morning Call

“@ChiTownLionPSU I believe @chander2nyc wants to be an ally to Penn State. His aims are to shift the focus...”
Twitter / Jimmy W

Only Anthony Zettel Until Penn State Football
Black Shoe Diaries

“@ChiTownLionPSU History really never says goodbye. History says see you later. -Galeano”
Twitter / Defend A Child

“Problem was PREDICTED by experts (in Nov. 2012) who cautioned that changes in laws would overburden system...”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Big 12 set for one of most important meetings in conference history

“@AmericaMarches @AnnCoulter @Zigmanfreud @ChiTownLionPSU Don't let facts get in the way of your ridiculous narrative”
Twitter / MtNittany

“WTF. The ignoramuses have been saying for 4 effing years this is what our staff/admins should have done.”
Twitter / pdf

“In light of revelations about #PA child welfare agencies from state Auditor General DePasquale, we decided to...”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

“Well apparently @CoSIDAnews doesn't think that @Baylor has a 'culture' problem. @EdgeofSports”
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“@schadjoe You guys with your 'enabling' crap. How much money does E$PiN make off of college sports?”
Twitter / wensilver

Universities need to actually start learning from scandals.
Sports On Earth

“This is what the Penn State family is all about....donate to Wally Triplett's Health Care via @gofundme”
Twitter / Carol Pilgrim

“@StateCollegecom Now that Joe is gone, who can the State blame for failing to protect kids...42,000...reports un-answered.”
Twitter / Aaron

“@Expansion_Crush @sooner2016 @Bluevodreal Swofford's mistake was going all in with ESPN. Should've worked on a deal with CBS, Fox, or NBC”
Twitter / Corneilus Green

Federal court delays PinnacleHealth, Hershey merger
Centre Daily Times

“A victim who said she talked to Waco PD and Baylor officials says she wasn't even interviewed by Pepper Hamilton. Completely maddening.”
Twitter / Derek

“Srsly. Someone 'splain the FauxRage here on sports 'culture' by an E$PiN dude. 🤔”
Twitter / wensilver

“@KevinHornePSU which is why I simply refuse to form any opinion based on what today's media tells me.”
Twitter / wensilver

Kenneth Starr Demoted from Baylor President to Chancellor
Bleacher Report

What’s next for Baylor? More lawsuits, investigations and penalties, experts say
Dallas Morning News

“.@schadjoe < Bet u didn't know there were no crimes committed by Sandusky on PSU's campus after 2001. #TrialVerdicts”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

“Those who care abt kids will fix DPW, CYS. The rest will scapegoat Joe Paterno, Penn State.”
Twitter / ChiTownLionPSU

“.@PaAttorneyGen there is evidence of child endangerment (by TSM) in this report. @ssnyderinq”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

“Perhaps sadly, the witch hunt and complete bastardization of facts at Penn State has made me not feel certain about any of the Baylor stuff.”
Twitter / Kevin Horne

Lady Lions edged in lacrosse semis
The Altoona Mirror

ChildLine shortcomings concern county officials

Uncertainty Leaves Baylor in Danger of Return to Bad Ol'days
ABC News

“Wally Triplett's family is raising $$ to cover his medical expenses. Help out one of the great Penn Staters: #weare”
Twitter /

“C/S/S Pretrial motions must be filed by July 1st.”
Twitter / wensilver

“#WeAre 🔵⚪️”
Twitter / the S zone

“Nice 30 for 30 piece on #WeAre class gift. @espn made A LOT of 💰bashing #PSU - they should donate to Wally's care.”
Twitter / wensilver

“@randywatts7 @posas13 @Expansion_Crush They enjoy power, control and feeling superior to the lower class.”
Twitter / Texas Roundball

“@ChiTownLionPSU shame focus is never in the right place @JmmyW @wensilver @RayBlehar @PS4RS @DefendAChild”
Twitter / John Yonchuk

“Baylor owes it to all victims, alleged victims and women on campus to release the entire Pepper Hamilton report immediately.”
Twitter / Joe Schad

“E$PiN should be asking themselves if their legacy of sports 💰 is worth any risk of enabling unsafe campus culture”
Twitter / wensilver

“Judge Hoover had been presiding over PSU admins case.”
Twitter / PS4RS

“.@KevinHornePSU even more infuriating - both UNC and Baylor will get a lot more latitude from @NCAA because they know they overreached w/us.”
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“Here is the 13-page #Baylor report.”
Twitter / Dave Miller

Advocates say PA’s child abuse hotline has had major problems since 2010, so why did the state wait so long to investigate?

“He's the inspiration behind Penn State's famous battle cry. #WeAre shows the impact created by Wally Triplett.”
Twitter / ESPN Films 30 for 30

“Pennsylvania's Auditor General says 42,000 calls to the state's child abuse hotline went unanswered last year.”
Twitter /

“‘He’s gonna be a hall of famer.’ 2015 tackle leader. Number 61. @NBowman53. #NFLTop100”
Twitter / NFL Network

“Crowdfunding campaign has been established to help with long-term care for Penn State legend Wally Triplett”
Twitter /

“@ChiTownLionPSU You know what tho - this was Hershey's mission for needy kids. So why reinvent the wheel in central PA? @ricfouad”
Twitter / wensilver

“Every school president should be asking themselves today if a legacy of sports success is worth any risk of enabling unsafe campus culture.”
Twitter / Joe Schad

Longtime Dauphin County judge to retire in June

“.@Denverwolverine You have to conclude, certainly in this case, the Title IX aspect was very significant.”
Twitter / John U. Bacon

Ole Miss's proposed sanctions won't save them from NCAA punishment.
Campus Rush

“Longtime Dauphin County judge to retire in June”
Twitter / abc27 WHTM

Pepper Hamilton report says Baylor failed to support sexual assault victims
USA Today

Read the Damning Report on How Baylor Failed to Address Sexual Assault by Its Football Players
Mother Jones

“Baylor University removes Kenneth Starr as president, will fire football coach”
Twitter / HuffPost College

Baylor University Removes Kenneth Starr As President
The Huffington Post

“In firing football coach Art Briles, Baylor did the right thing -- after it had tried everything else.”
Twitter / John U. Bacon

“This from report strikes at heart of the Baylor story: Program grew too big, too fast - and became win at all costs.”
Twitter / Travis Haney

Baylor to fire football coach Art Briles amid sexual assault scandal
USA Today

“Ken Starr’s title on Baylor’s website has been ‘President and Chancellor.’ It seems all the university has done is basically remove a title.”
Twitter / Kami Mattioli

“Ken Starr out as president but still chancellor is like Ivan the Terrible still getting to be Tsar Of Some of The Russias.”
Twitter / Cecil Hurt

ACC tax return shows commitment to channel project, 33-percent revenue increase
Daily Press

By the numbers: How would UC fit in Big 12?

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