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“@ChiTownLionPSU McQueary's lawyers saying PSU responses r bullshit & asking court to force PSU to answer. #6, lol.” ()
Twitter / pdf

“@ChiTownLionPSU LMAO. Documents 11 through 13. Objection, objection, objection.” ()
Twitter / pdf

“@ChiTownLionPSU Documents 7 through 10: objection, objection, objection. Lol.” ()
Twitter / pdf

“@ChiTownLionPSU Haha, here are PSU's responses to 2nd request. First 6 documents...objection, objection. objection.” ()
Twitter / pdf

“@ChiTownLionPSU @washingtonpost If Freeh is wrong @sallyjenx & many others owe apologies. Meanwhile, kids remain at risk, little has changed” ()
Twitter / Defend A Child

“I am thankful that Penn State students don't mind footing the bill for my incompetence.” ()
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“LSU's cost to buy out Les Miles could be as little as $11 million -- and could end up being a lot less than that:” ()
Twitter / Steve Berkowitz

LSU's buyout for Les Miles could be $11 million, subject to interpretation ()
USA Today

“Judge who allowed PSU admins' attorney to testify against them.” ()
Twitter / PS4RS

“Yes she trusted them on Freeh (bangs head into desk).” ()
Twitter / Scott Paterno

“WaPo's Sally Jenkins on NCAA spending: These athletic departments don't lose money. They spend like drunken sailors.” ()
Twitter / Jay Bilas

“#PA Chief Justice Saylor has revoked senior status for Judge Barry #Feudale, meaning he may no longer sit as a...” ()
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

“” ()
Twitter / Sean Spencer

Penn State LB Brandon Bell living up to 'big play' nickname ()
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

AG Kathleen Kane says removal attempt is ‘unconstitutional,’ plans to appoint special prosecutors ()

USA TODAY Sports college football staff picks for Week 13 ()

“Paging Eric Barron.” ()
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“News from the tank: Barry Feudale relieved of judgeship thnx to his tutelage of @AngelasInk and @PhillyInquirer” ()
Twitter /

“Feudale removed from bench” ()
Twitter / The Daily Item

UPDATE: Chief justice revokes Feudale's senior judge status ()
The Daily Item (Sunbury, Pa.)

“REPORT: Chief justice revokes Feudale's senior judge status:” ()
Twitter / Keystone Report

“There's a huge divide in college sports programs, and you're probably getting ripped off” ()
Twitter / HuffPost College

“The seventh-ranked Nittany Lions swept Northwestern on Senior Night with a tremendous all-around effort.” ()
Twitter / Onward State Feed

Illinois considering two-year offer to keep Bill Cubit as football coach ()
Chicago Tribune

“Will #Fina fall next? @RayBlehar @JmmyW @ChiTownLionPSU @DefendAChild” ()
Twitter / John Yonchuk

“So what the hell happened to that GJ leak report? Did it ever get done? 🤔” ()
Twitter / wensilver

“Chief justice revokes Feudale's senior judge status: report: The Daily Item in Sunbury reported Wednesday Barry F.…” ()
Twitter / The Patriot-News

“@NotKeithMasser added at least 6 since original settlements @NBCNews @MAlexJohnson” ()
Twitter / John Yonchuk

“And we will keep paying them many times more than victims of other abusers because we can just jack up tuition.” ()
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“Penn State says it may be on hook for six more Jerry Sandusky victims @malexjohnson reports” ()
Twitter / NBC News

“Reports: Michigan DC D.J. Durkin a ‘strong candidate’ for Maryland vacancy” ()
Twitter / Kevin McGuire

Reports: Michigan DC D.J. Durkin a “strong candidate” for Maryland vacancy ()
NBC Sports

“According to the same source Memphis & BYU have been informed that UC & UH are the picks.” ()
Twitter / Christopher Lambert

“#PennState coach James Franklin full post-practice press conference. Injuries, MSU’s QB, holiday plans and more:” ()
Twitter / Mark Brennan

“I miss being able to function (physically) at a high level. Great memories...even better people. #WeAre #Family” ()
Twitter / Jon Crispin

“PA Attorney General’s Office must soon go to court to oppose Senate’s unconstitutional removal of @PaAttorneyGenKane” ()
Twitter /

“I think many more besides journalists are worried” ()
Twitter / John Yonchuk

“In which the @PatriotNews editor thinks he, not PA voters, should choose the PA AG.” ()
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“New PL Editorial: Full Senate should move quickly on @PaAttorneyGen Kane report.” ()
Twitter / ByJohnLMicek

Kane calls for broader email probe ()

“A Special Thanks From Scout: The entire Scout Network is FREE through the holiday weekend.” ()
Twitter / Penn State on Scout

“Paterno vs. NCAA: Paterno's to serve subpoena for deposition transcripts of Gary Langsdale” ()
Twitter / Jimmy W

“Who is Gary Langsdale? He's PSU's Risk Officer An interview:” ()
Twitter / Jimmy W

“A little slice of #truth for 'outsiders': Alums watchdogging #PSUBOT not about 'football', or 'Paterno', it's about Fiduciary Duty.” ()
Twitter / Nellie R

“Who are you rooting for in #PSUvsMSU? RT for #PennState LIKE for #MichiganState” ()
Twitter / CFB Nation

“@PS4RS Over a year ago, @Penn_State alumni trustees ask 'Are we willing to seek the TRUTH?' #DefendAChild @llokman” ()
Twitter / Defend A Child

“@wensilver Pope has been a stalwart for #Truth for the sake of child protection and the integrity of @Penn_State.” ()
Twitter / Defend A Child

“An update from alumni-elected Penn State Trustee Alice Pope” ()
Twitter / PS4RS

“A Bid Adieu to Penn State ... by @allie_wells via @LastWordOnCFB #PSU #NittanyLions” ()
Twitter / LastWordOnSports Inc

“'We need to solve our issues of integrity' #Kane #Eakin #Fina #GoodOldBoys #KeystoneCorruption” ()
Twitter / John Yonchuk

“#PSUbot #Freeh 2 things: 1. An out-of-town op-ed with reason. 2. Criteria/vetting of commenters.” ()
Twitter / Tom Owens

“Prosecutors appeal order on Sandusky accuser's complaint via @phillydotcom Prosecutors are hiding something!” ()
Twitter / Greg Bucceroni

Prosecutors appeal order on Sandusky accuser's complaint ()

“Is it just me, or does it seem like maybe there are some 'journalists' who are worried about what Kane will find on state email servers?” ()
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“PA Senate is saying PA Supremes can nullify election by suspending AG's license. @JakeCorman #Pennsyltucky” ()
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“Senate Panel Issues Report On Possible Removal Of AG Kane:” ()
Twitter / CBS Philly

“Carl Nassib a finalist for best defensive player in college football” ()
Twitter / Penn State football

Penn State's Carl Nassib a finalist for best defensive player in college football ()

“#KathleenKane's statement after the special Senate committee reviewing her recommended a full Senate hearing.” ()
Twitter / Rachel McDevitt

Dear friends, I am pleased to be able... - Alice Pope Penn State Trustee ()
Facebook / Alice Pope Penn State Trustee

“If Kathleen Kane is removed, what kind of precedent does that set? @platt_larry wonders about the implications:” ()
Twitter / Philadelphia Citizen

Penn State's attendance dips slightly in 2015 ()
The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.)

Ray Lewis Owned by Michael Robinson ()

“Syracuse University Appeal Of NCAA Sanctions Rewarded” ()
Twitter / CBS New York

Syracuse University Basketball Appeal Of NCAA Sanctions Rewarded ()
CBS New York

“PA Attorney General @PaAttorneyGen Kane will also seek Justice Department investigation of porno emails” ()
Twitter /

AG Kathleen Kane says removal attempt is 'unconstitutional,' plans to appoint special prosecutors ()

Prosecutors appeal order on Sandusky accuser's complaint ()
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Special committee finds sufficient basis for Senate to move forward with full hearing on direct removal of AG Kane:” ()
Twitter / Legal Intelligencer

Committee: Senate Can Proceed With Kane Removal ()
The Legal Intelligencer

“Kane intends to select team of special prosecutors to investigate public email accounts involved in circulation of offensive emails” ()
Twitter / Legal Intelligencer

“Kane responds, says process to remove AG is unconstitutional. Will fight any attempt to oust her.” ()
Twitter / PA Independent

“Kane also will form team of special prosecutors to parse 'every public email account' to look for inappropriate emails.” ()
Twitter / PA Independent

“Anthony Lubrano: 'Scranton Times gets it right.' In Freeh case, don’t fight on Penn State” ()
Twitter / ChiTownLionPSU

“Prosecutors appeal order on Sandusky accuser's complaint” ()
Twitter /

“Committee says full Senate should consider removing Kathleen Kane. @BBumsted_TRIB reports” ()
Twitter / Donald Gilliland

Committee says Senate should consider removing Kane as Pa. AG ()
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Online poll...should DA Seth Williams fire porndog Frank Fina? Not even close. @wensilver” ()
Twitter / pdf

Reader Poll: Should Seth Williams Fire Frank Fina? ()

“Penn State should recognize that the only way to move on is to come clean about the Freeh Report” ()
Twitter / PS4RS

“@wensilver @psutruthville progress.psu disappeared sometime around 4/9/15 emergency BOT mtg” ()
Twitter / Jimmy W

“It was a pleasure giving out over 750+. Turkeys to the people of Tampa Bay #TurkeyTimeWithTheOLine” ()
Twitter / Donovan Smith

“Is @penn_state now hiding transparency? Missing: Missing:” ()
Twitter / PSUTruthville

“'The report, issued in July 2012, made sweeping assertions about the culpability of certain administrators and...” ()
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

In Freeh case, don’t fight on Penn State - Opinion ()
The Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pa.)

“Carl Nassib is a finalist for the Bednarik Award, given to the nation's top defensive player.” ()
Twitter / Onward State

Nassib Named A Finalist For The Bednarik Award ()
Onward State

“Press Release (and smackdown) from the Judicial Conduct Board on #Eakin request” ()
Twitter / wensilver

“Historical fact: the NCAA invented the phrase 's-a' to avoid having to pay injured athletes worker's comp.” ()
Twitter / Joe Nocera

“Diallo is a real student-athlete. But the NCAA, which made up that silly term, decided he doesn't meet its standards. Lame.” ()
Twitter / Marc Isenberg

Questions raised by the fourth College Football Playoff ranking ()
USA Today

Clemson, Alabama joined by Oklahoma and Iowa in Playoff top four ()
USA Today

Penn State Football: Carl Nassib Named Bednarik Award Finalist ()

Penn State men's basketball can't match deep-shooting barrage, downed by Radford ()
The Daily Collegian

Rose Bowl is at stake in USC-UCLA — but, oh, what might have been ()
Los Angeles Times

Penn State Reaches New Peak In Admissions ()
Onward State

“Penn State's issues are real, but end of the day program has beat everyone it should and lost in fourth quarter to four Top 25 teams.” ()
Twitter / Ben Jones

“Penn State's losses this year come at the hands of currently ranked No. 25, 16, 10, 8 and about to play No. 5” ()
Twitter / Ben Jones

“Penn State, Sanderson helped wrestling in state of California with recent road trip.” ()
Twitter / James R. Carlson

“Mark it down, another finalist honor for @CarlNassib. He is 1 of 3 up for @BednarikAward.” ()
Twitter / Kris Petersen

“Uhhh: Seth's new COS is married to Tyron Ali's lawyer, who works at firm that filed Fina lawsuit by @dgambacorta” ()
Twitter / William Bender

“Some of Ohio State's student section spelling out 'We Are Penn State'” ()
Twitter / Tim Shoemaker

“Ohio State student section wearing 'We are Penn State' shirts at tonight's basketball game” ()
Twitter / Bill Landis

“OSU fans wear 'We Are Penn State' shirts at tonight's @OhioStateHoops game (@BillLandis25).” ()
Twitter / Sean Merriman

“Week 12 College Football Playoff Rankings: 1) Clemson 2) Alabama 3) Oklahoma 4) Iowa 5) Michigan State 6) Notre Dame” ()
Twitter / SportsCenter

“Due to his substantial work regarding the algebraic connectivity of a graph, the corresponding eigenvector is now called the Fiedler vector.” ()
Twitter / John Urschel

What to look for on the college football coaching carousel ()
USA Today

Board to decide whether to charge justice in email scandal ()

“James Franklin isn't exactly defending John Donovan:” ()
Twitter / Ben Jones

“Rewind from July 2014: The Trials of Graham Spanier Note the names involved & what they are embroiled in now.” ()
Twitter / wensilver

“#PennState DE Carl Nassib named 1 of 3 finalists for Bednarik Award, which goes to nation's top defensive player.” ()
Twitter / Richard Scarcella

“Add another honor to the resume. @CarlNassib just named a 2015 @BednarikAward finalist! #WeAre” ()
Twitter / Penn State Football

“Congrats to @CarlNassib, repping #WalkOnU as finalist for the @burlsworthtrust! #PennState” ()
Twitter / Kris Petersen

Nassib Picked as Burlsworth Finalist - Football ()

“(AP) Pennsylvania judicial board says it will soon decide whether to file charges against Eakin” ()
Twitter / Mark Scolforo

The Priorities of University Presidents: Where Do College Athletics Fit In? ()

“#Sandusky scandal making security at #BeaverStadium harder. @RayBlehar @JmmyW @ChiTownLionPSU @MarkHorgas @wensilver” ()
Twitter / John Yonchuk

“Bag Policy Update: The Mirage of Security at Beaver Stadium” ()
Twitter / John Yonchuk

Bag Policy Update: The Mirage of Security at Beaver Stadium ()

“Let's see it @DASethWilliams | ‘It’s a document I’m encouraging them to publish’ | via @billy_penn #Fina #Porngate” ()
Twitter / John Yonchuk

“Red-shirt freshman Bo Nickal named Big Ten Wrestler of the Week! Get the GoPSU story now!” ()
Twitter / pennstateWREST

“Taking two weeks worth of PSU sports questions in my mailbag. Tweet here or use the form. Answers a week from Thurs:” ()
Twitter / Connor Whooley

“Kathleen Kane may be removed from office even before a trial on her alleged crimes – for which she may be acquitted:” ()
Twitter / Philadelphia Citizen

“Sen John Blake: It calls into question their unbiased judgement #hategate. Need an independent review.” ()
Twitter / Anthony H. Williams

“Sen Hughes: judicial system that seems to have lost its way -- cronyism, buddyism” ()
Twitter / Anthony H. Williams

Kathleen Kane: Welcome to Justice, Keystone State Style ()
The Philadelphia Citizen

“Asking for special prosecutor and ALL public email addresses that have been involved in this taudry situation” ()
Twitter / Anthony H. Williams

“Must read by @dgambacorta: D.A. makes staff changes, but controversy lingers via phillydotcom” ()
Twitter / Wendy Ruderman

D.A. makes staff changes, but controversy lingers ()

“It appears @DASethWilliams is a bit sensitive. <-- see what I did there? #Pornsylvania #Porngate” ()
Twitter / PSUTruthville

Student Athlete: Andrew Pryts ()

Penn State vs. Michigan State a week after outdoing ()

Will Penn State Learn to Dance in the Footsteps of Michigan State? ()

tBBC Pick'em Week 13: It Has Come To This.. ()
The Buckeye Battle Cry

Hackenberg, Penn State face tall order in Michigan State ()

Teddy Greenstein's Big Ten football picks ()
Chicago Tribune


Don’t forget about the facts
Centre Daily Times

UPDATE: Chief justice revokes Feudale's senior judge status
The Daily Item (Sunbury, Pa.)

ESPN Has Lost 7 Million Subscribers The Past Two Years
FOX Sports

FSU official details favorable treatment of players

Could Penn State get more 2017 pledges soon? The bowl game the Lions could play in, and more: mailbag

Penn State Could Face Claims From Six More Alleged Jerry Sandusky Victims
NBC News

2019 RB/DE Alex Molina Talks Rutgers & PSU Visits

Sandusky-related petitions filed in Centre County court
Centre Daily Times

PSU Sandusky victim claims top $90 million, audit shows
WHP CBS 21 Harrisburg

Chief justice revokes Feudale's senior judge status: report

James Franklin Full Post-Practice PC

Deposition: 20 women accused Seminole football players of sexual assault last nine years
NBC Sports

Woodland Hills Star Receives Offers From WVU, Michigan
CBS Pittsburgh

Fan Line: Hackenberg, go reunite with O'Brien; BIG 10 represented in the rankings

VIDEO: Women's Volleyball Update - Kendall Pierce (11/25/15)

Who would win an SEC vs. Big Ten challenge? Check out our picks
Saturday Down South

Penn State Nittany Lions at Michigan State Spartans
USA Today

Senior Night celebrated with Penn State’s sweep of Northwestern
Centre Daily Times

College Football Picks: Week 13 Predictions for Every Game
Bleacher Report

College Football picks: You know one playoff contender will get upset, so which one?
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

Post-Gazette 2015 Fabulous 22

Ohio State fans have no problem begging for Penn State's help making the Big Ten championship game
Land-Grant Holy Land

Playing spoiler: Penn State has a lot to prove against No. 5 Michigan State

UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley gets his first crack at USC
The Orange County Register

FBS conference power rankings, Rivalry Week edition

Penn State Nittany Lions Play Friendly Games in Cuba

Carl Nassib's status remains uncertain for Penn State-Michigan State

VIDEO: Women's Volleyball Update - Kendall Pierce (11/25/15) - Women's Volleyball

What We Learned From The CFP
CBS Local

No. 7 Penn State Sweeps Northwestern on Senior Night

College athletic departments are paying themselves to lose money
The Washington Post

Michigan State Football: Penn State predictions

Nassib picked as Burlsworth finaliast

CFB Playoff Blind Poll Results: from Alabama to Iowa (if they lose to Nebraska but win the Big Ten)
The Big Lead

Last-chance Lions look to recover on the road
Public Opinion (Chambersburg, Pa.)

Conference breakdown: Who makes the College Football Playoff?
The Bay City Times (Bay City, Mich.)

Re-Ranking the top 10 Big Ten football players: Through Week 12
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

Penn State-Michigan State: Jones sees little Lions can do to derail Sparty title train

Picking Penn State-Michigan State: After stunning OSU, nothing stopping Spartans Saturday at home

GameDay Kickoff -- Rivalry week brings College Football Playoff impact

Notes - UW football team has cut back on contact in practices
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

College Football Playoff Scenarios for Michigan State
The Enlightened Spartan

Gruen: Time To Notice Of Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio
CBS Local

Penn State Falls Short to Radford, 86-74

Committee says Senate should consider removing Kane as AG
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Five things to watch this week in the Super 25
USA Today High School Sports

Dantonio sensational for Michigan State
The Altoona Mirror

BTN LiveBIG: At Big Ten universities, it’s #ThanksGivingBack
Big Ten Network

Penn State Basketball Falls To Radford 86-74
Onward State

Stage set for Pennsylvania Senate to consider removing Kane
WFMZ Allentown

College Football Playoff: Week 12 results from MSU view
Spartan Avenue

Senior Night Sendoff: Women's Volleyball Dominates Northwestern 3-0
Onward State

Big Ten Weekly Football Release's Week 12 Big Ten power rankings: Teams stake claims to top spots
The Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.)

Hey Joe: B1G Contentment Curve builds Thanksgiving feast
Detroit Free Press

College Football Playoff: Breaking down how this week’s rankings affect the big picture

Michigan State blocking standout Paul Lang sees role grow as senior

Spartans rebound, put selves in position to win Big Ten East

Spartans rebound, put selves in position to win Big Ten East
San Antonio Express-News

Nassib selected as a Bednarik Award finalist

Nittany Lions Fall at St. Lawrence, 4-2 - Women's Ice Hockey

Saints women's hockey sweep Penn State
North Country Now

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Radford sets tone early against Penn State - - November 25, 2015
The Indiana Gazette

The Subsidy Gap

Last-chance Lions look to recover on the road
The Evening Sun


Public deserves to see PSU report - Opinion
The Standard Speaker (Hazleton, Pa.)

Penn State recruiting podcast: the latest from Michigan visitors, a look at 2017 numbers, and more

Old-style Central Catholic linebacker rates two thumbs-up
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ohio State fans wear ‘We Are Penn State’ shirts to hoops game
Big Ten Network

Prosecutors Appeal Order on Sandusky Accuser's Complaint
New York Times

Preview Penn State-Michigan State and talk recruiting with Greg Pickel today

Franklin sees improvement, but he's demanding more from Penn State
The Standard Speaker (Hazleton, Pa.)

Penn State Football: Franklin Not Exactly Defending John Donovan

Penn State's road trip helped wrestling overall, not just Nittany Lions

No. 7 Penn State Hosts Northwestern on Senior Night - Women's Volleyball

ESPN Football Recruiting - Player Rankings

Photo: Ohio State Students Sell Souls, Support Penn State Before Key Game Against Michigan State
Eleven Warriors

Lions heavily ‘banged up’ this week
The Altoona Mirror

James Franklin: ‘The progress is there’
Centre Daily Times

Five takeaways from James Franklin’s weekly news conference
Penn State Blog

Radford’s 3-pointers sink Penn State basketball
Centre Daily Times

Penn State and Okie State remain No. 1 in WIN’s Nov 23 Dual and TPI rankings
WIN Magazine

College football coaching carousel: Who is the right fit at each open FBS job?
Campus Rush

de Bear Necessities: The Importance of Seniors
Black Shoe Diaries

Ohio State Student Section Spells Out "We Are Penn State"
Onward State

Penn State Depth Chart Versus Michigan State: Sparty (Please) No
Black Shoe Diaries

From the data: The best college football programs since 2000
The Island Packet

KEISLING: PA Attorney General’s Office must soon go to court to oppose Senate’s unconstitutional removal of Kane and her law license suspension

Doomsday scenarios What's the worst that could happen for College Football Playoff committee

Franklin hopes to speed progress at Penn State
The Detroit News

PSU playing more than spoiler role
York Daily Record (York, Pa.)

Penn States Bo Nickal Named Big Ten Wrestler of the Week

Five observations from the fourth College Football Playoff rankings

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio previews Penn State, calls Lions "very good quality football team"

Penn State's Nassib up for national defensive player of the year
FOX Sports

Three Finalists for Maxwell Award
New York Times

Bodani: Lions' bowl game path leads to Florida
York Daily Record (York, Pa.)

Steelers Jesse James the heir to Heath Miller?
Still Curtain

Penn State football team 'banged up' heading to Michigan State
The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.)

Lions' Troy Reeder wants to prove doubters wrong in Michigan State game

Big Ten Football Power Rankings: Week 13
Spartan Avenue

Committee says Senate should move forward on removing Attorney General Kane
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Franklin: Penn State has improved this season

Prosecutors appeal order on Sandusky accuser’s complaint

Penn State notebook: James Franklin stressing patience while Lions seek improvement
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Notre Dame goal now needs adjustment - Notre Dame
News Sentinel

Twenty-Four Finalists Announced for The Home Depot 25th Anniversary College Football Awards on Thursday, Dec. 10

Penn State wrestlers enjoy Cali road trip

College football rankings: Michigan State enters top 4
Sports Illustrated

Big Ten notes: James Franklin talks the chip on Penn State's shoulder

SEC vs. Big Ten -- Week 13
Saturday Down South

Prosecutors Appeal Order in Sandusky Accuser Case
NBC 10 Philadelphia

10 Big Ten Bold Predictions For Week 13 Of 2015 College Football Season
Rant Sports

Big Ten Preview: Week Thirteen
Black Shoe Diaries

College Football Playoff Blind Test: Which 1-Loss Teams Are Most Preferable?
The Big Lead

NCAA committee delays plan to fill bowls with losing teams

Penn State's Carl Nassib a finalist for college football award given to walk-ons

Penn State players mostly downplay chance to play spoiler against Michigan State as Spartans aim for Big Ten title shot

Franklin hoping to speed up program development with win

College Football Playoff scenarios: Notre Dame, Michigan still alive. Here’s how.
The Washington Post

5 takeaways from the Week 13 College Football Playoff rankings | Dr. Saturday
Yahoo! Sports

7 College Football Things We're Thankful for in 2015
Bleacher Report

GameDay Kickoff -- Rivalry week brings College Football Playoff impact

First-and-10: 'What-if' playoff scenarios in Big Ten should come with warning label
Sporting News

2015 College Football Award finalists: Outland, Maxwell, Bednarik, more
CBS Sports

Nittany Lions carry own motivation into Saturday

Ohio State students wear Penn State shirts at basketball game (Photo) | Dr. Saturday
Yahoo! Sports

Nittany Lions satisfied with road success
Centre Daily Times

YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs. Radford Open Thread
Black Shoe Diaries

Mayfield, Nassib, Falk are Burlsworth Award finalists

Franklin hoping to speed up program development with win

College Football Playoff 2015: Committee Rankings Announced Entering Week 13
Bleacher Report

Finalists for O’Brien, Outland, Bednarik, other awards announced
NBC Sports

Predicting CFP Rankings: Hawkeyes, Sooners, Spartans, Irish up for 2 spots
CBS Sports

Five Big Ten football facts heading into Week 13
Big Ten Network

Prosecutors appeal order to review recent abuse claims against Jerry Sandusky

SWH Is Ready For Turkey
Black Shoe Diaries

Best defensive line on MSU's schedule? It might be Penn State

Nittany Lions in the NFL -- Week Eleven

Brad Edwards: How we could end up with College Football Playoff chaos

College Football Awards Finalists Big Ten Conference Official Site
Big Ten Conference

MSU advances toward goal of College Football Playoffs
The State News

Michigan offers QB Kasim Hill; Big Ten, ACC, SEC updates as well

College Football Picks for Week 13: B/R Experts' Predictions for Top 5 Games
Bleacher Report

Oklahoma, Iowa Jump into Top Four in Newest College Football Playoff Rankings
ABC News Radio

College Football Playoff | Oklahoma, Iowa move into top four; Ohio State No.8
Canton Repository

Football: Old-school Central Catholic linebacker rates two-thumbs up

Penn State could shake up college football playoff in East Lansing
WJAC-TV (Johnstown, Pa.)

Penn State - Michigan State: Embrace the Chaos
Black Shoe Diaries

NCAA committee delays plan to fill bowls with losing teams

Dantonio: Cook decision likely to be on game day
Lansing State Journal

Talkin' Spartans: Previewing the Penn State game
Lansing State Journal

Franklin tries to manage expectations
The York Dispatch (York, Pa.)

NCAA Football Rankings 2015: Projecting Final Playoff Field Heading into Week 13
Bleacher Report

Weekly Press Conference - Players (Michigan State) - Football

Michigan State takes bumpy road to finale against Penn State
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

BREAKING: Committee Recommends Full Senate Consider Kane Removal

Polls: It’s time to pick your Week 13 Big Ten football winners
Big Ten Network

Here's a take on the high marks and low marks for Big Ten season
RedEye Chicago

Limited Number of Suites Still Available for 2015 Big Ten Football Championship Game Big Ten Conference Official Site
Big Ten Conference

Big Ten Football Power Poll-Week 12
The Daily Gopher

College Football Playoff Rankings Week 12 2015: the 2 Most Critical Weeks of the Season Approach
University Herald

Michigan State Football: Spartans, seniors, 'know how to win'

College Football Playoffs - Week 12 Committee Rankings

This Week In College Football: The 13 Teams That Still Have A Shot

Michigan State plays rivalry spoiler for Buckeyes, Wolverines.
Sports On Earth

College Football Rankings 2015: Playoff Predictions Heading into Week 13
Bleacher Report

No. 4 Iowa, No. 5 Michigan State pace Big Ten; conference boasts four top-10 teams

Dantonio downplays senior day, Cook still in question and more notes on MSU football
The State News

BSD Film Room: Thank You Seniors
Black Shoe Diaries

Humanitarian Leadership Award Big Ten Conference Official Site
Big Ten Conference

Black Heart Gold Pants

Predicting What Tonight’s College Football Playoff Rankings Will Look Like
College Spun

Michigan State Football: Ed Davis, more, intend to return to MSU for sixth year

College Football Week 13 Opening Odds
FOX Sports

Mayfield, Nassib, Falk finalists for Burlsworth Trophy

Film Focus: Michigan's Offense vs. Penn State
Maize n Brew

Carl Nassib Named Burlsworth Trophy Finalist

Most Likely 2016 College Football Playoff Scenarios for Week 13
Rant Sports

Franklin hoping to speed up program development with win

Nassib Selected as a Bednarik Award Finalist

Football All-Big Ten Changes Big Ten Conference Official Site
Big Ten Conference

Big Ten return award named after Dwight, Nebraska's Rodgers

Michigan State Football Will Win Another Close Game This Weekend To Advance To Big Ten Title Game
Rant Sports

Full Pa. Senate to consider Kane ouster

Full PA Senate to consider Kane's ouster

Michigan State's D presents formidable test

Amway AFCA Coaches Trophy coming to MSU-Penn State game
Lansing State Journal

Penn State Football: Reeder Hitting Hard And Smiling About It

Big Ten ignites firestorm of controversy in NCAA hockey

Hard Takes: Big Ten looks primed to send a team to the playoffs
Big Ten Network

From Woody and Bo to Urban and Jim: Echoes from 1969 resonate in 2015 for Michigan-Ohio State
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

Playing for Something in Rivalry Week: Playoffs, Conference Championship or Team Chaos

Week 13: Top ten college football matchups
USA Today

College Football Playoff 2015: Predicting Final 4 Teams After Latest Rankings
Bleacher Report

Penn St.-Michigan St. Preview (Nov 24, 2015)
FOX Sports

Video: James Franklin says team has made progress
Centre Daily Times

Dantonio keeps Michigan State focused
The Detroit News

College Football Playoff Rankings Speak Louder Than Wins, by Josh Taylor
TribLIVE Radio

Michigan State Moves Up To 5 In College Football Playoff Rankings
CBS Detroit

MSU up to #5 in College Football Playoff Rankings
The Only Colors

PSU ‘on schedule’ in Franklin’s eyes
The Altoona Mirror

Franklin sees improvement, but he's demanding more from Penn State
Republican & Herald (Pottsville, Pa.)

Oklahoma, Iowa replace Ohio State, Notre Dame in playoffs top 4

Here's a take on the high marks and low marks for Big Ten season
Capital Gazette

Wednesday roundtable: How realistic are Cardinal’s Playoff chances?
The Stanford Daily

Charles Woodson's Heisman moment inspired Jabrill Peppers, who now gets a shot at Ohio State
The Bay City Times (Bay City, Mich.)

Thanksgiving Eve Skull Session
Eleven Warriors

#10 Michigan Football vs #8 Ohio St THE GAME Preview
The Sports Bank

Marks' late Tally helps Saints women's hockey edge Penn State
North Country Now

Sturtz Scores Big Ten Second Star of the Week - Ice Hockey

Penn State installed as an 11-point underdog against Michigan State with Connor Cook's status uncertain

Penn State’s Carl Nassib among finalists for Burlsworth Trophy
Centre Daily Times

Michigan State Can Clinch Big Ten East with Win Over Penn State

College Football Playoff rankings: Oklahoma leaps to No. 3 in new top 25
SB Nation

Nassib Named A Finalist For The Burlsworth Trophy
Onward State

Carl Nassib Named a Finalist for the Burlsworth Trophy
Black Shoe Diaries

Former Foes, Week 13
Black Shoe Diaries

Big Ten Power Rankings: Week 12
Inside NU

Bleacher Report's Ultimate Guide to College Football Rivalry Weekend
Bleacher Report

College football rankings: The top storylines from Power 5 conferences

2015 Tuesday Press Conference Roundup Michigan State Week

B1G Teleconference: With Michigan Game Looming, Urban Meyer Says Ohio State Has 'Just Got To Go Forward and Go Forward Fast'
Eleven Warriors


“Who could've seen that coming?”
Twitter / Not Keith Masser

“ @wensilver TSM's IRS forms vs. Annual Reports gives u all u need.”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Linebacker from Virginia says he'll play for Penn State
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“ICYMI: Oldsey & Lubrano went on the record about the #truth”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Which coordinators are ready to make the jump to head coach?
Land-Grant Holy Land

Offered RB Antjuan Simmons Returns to Ohio State

“Dambly upset that BOT's playbook halted by Guv's appointee H/T @DefendAChild @PS4RS”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

One-time Penn State commit Myles Hartsfield recaps Ole Miss trip

“Attorney General's office says it has no evidence of possible deals made by those who testified against Sandusky”
Twitter / The Daily Collegian

Attorney General's office says it has no knowledge of possible deals made by men who testified against Sandusky
The Daily Collegian

AG’s office: No knowledge of possible deals by Sandusky victims
Centre Daily Times

Penn State Tale of the Tape: The Michigan meltdown
York Daily Record (York, Pa.)

“'I believe there is going to come a day when Seth Williams wishes that he had left this alone.'”
Twitter / Helen Ubiñas

Penn State hosts recruits during Michigan game, Nov. 21, 2015 - Photo Gallery

“Racist emails could impact pending criminal cases vs. 2 black legislators. @wendyruderman @PhillyDailyNews Tuesday”
Twitter / David Lee Preston

Monday thoughts: Has Penn State's o-line and special teams taken steps forward this season?
Penn State Blog

“ICYMI: At Friday's board meeting, #PSU Trustee #Dambly (appointed by former Governor #Corbett), accustomed to...”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

Three different Bowl scenarios for Penn State; Penn State-Michigan was a ratings hit, and more

Penn State Tale of the Tape: The Michigan meltdown
Lebanon Daily News

Penn State's progress in Big Ten play under James Franklin is difficult to see ... and so are future wins over Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State

Sherando LB Rivers verbally commits to Penn State
Northern Virginia Daily

“Training for porny prosecutors was finalized the day of Anthony Williams press conference cc @wendyruderman”
Twitter / Chris Krewson

The other story 'porngate' may tell us

Bowl Projections 2015: Updated CFP Predictions Following Week 13 AP Poll
Bleacher Report

Chad Carr, 5-year-old grandson of ex-Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, dies
Big Ten Network

Michigan State football opens as 1.5-point favorites vs. PSU
Spartan Avenue

“DA Seth Williams scheduled sensitivity training for porny prosecutors last week (despite promising it 3 months ago):”
Twitter / Billy Penn

“D.A. Seth Williams hires integrity chief, forgets to mention her husband is Tyron Ali's attorney”
Twitter / David Gambacorta

Uncharacteristic Loss Unsettles the Buckeyes
New York Times

A Bid Adieu to Penn State Football Seniors
Last Word on Sports

“3 years ago today…@pennstatefball beat Wisconsin in the one of the most memorable games in PSU history #WeAre”
Twitter / the S zone

“Penn State Tale of the Tape: The Michigan meltdown”
Twitter / Andrew Callahan

VIDEO: Lions Focused on Radford Matchup - Men's Basketball

The collapse of the juggernaut that was Ohio State Football

College football's conference clinching scenarios - Stats & Info

Attend the Penn State football game? Find yourself - and everyone else - in this hi-res photo

Racist emails could impact pending criminal cases against two black legislators

Ezekiel Elliott apologizes for postgame rant, but stands by what he said
NBC Sports

Penn State Primer: Lions looking at 0-for-November, does it matter if MSU's Connor Cook plays?

“.@DASethWilliams implied three prosecutors had already completed ‘sensitivity training.’ #Porngate #accountability”
Twitter / PHLWatchdog

“Good morning”
Twitter / Matt d

Monday Notebook: Senior Class Bonded by Loyalty

Harbaugh's line to Big Ten on rule clarifications: Disconnected
The Detroit News

“The other story 'porngate' may tell us”
Twitter / NewsWorks

How can Penn State recover from Michigan loss to try and beat Michigan State? Can ground game be better, more: Tuesday three

DA Williams: Porngate prosecutors went to sensitivity training Friday

Women's Hockey 11/23/2015 Penn State vs. St Lawrence :: Box

Time to cut the committee some slack
The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, Okla.)

Vintage Penn State football photos, 1977 Blue-White game and picture day

D.A. makes staff changes, but controversy lingers

Penn State-Michigan State Game Notes

Nittany Lions Crack Poll at No. 20 - Ice Hockey

NCAA committee to provide procedures for filling bowl games
RedEye Chicago

Bowl Projections 2015: Predicting the New Year’s Six for Week 13
Rant Sports

Scout Battleground's Rivalry Week: Penn State at Michigan State Preview and Predictions

Monday Presser 11-23-15: Jim Harbaugh

Genetics affect concussion recovery

Pa.’s ‘porngate’ scandal: the latest & what it says about our government

“Donovan Smith plastered the Eagles LBs on several long runs. He is very smooth working up to the 2nd level. He's having a great rookie year”
Twitter / Daniel Jeremiah

“Seth Williams finalized training for porny prosecutors last week - after the media and other pols called him out.”
Twitter / Mark Dent

Update: 'Connecting with Respect' training for porny prosecutors finalized a week ago
Billy Penn

College Football Playoff mock committee First Four: Does Michigan State deserve a jump into playoff field?
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

Big Ten East Notebook: Motivation key and tricky as division race reaches its end
FOX Sports

Late Goal Sinks Nittany Lions, 3-2 - Women's Ice Hockey

College hockey: Marks’ late tally sparks St. Lawrence past Penn State
Watertown Daily Times

Penn State-Michigan State football game to air on ESPN

Michigan State can clinch Big Ten East by beating Penn State

Photos: COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Michigan at Penn State
Waynesboro Record Herald

MI defense leads win over Penn State

College Football Rankings 2015: Power Ranking All 128 Teams for Week 13
Bleacher Report

Penn State Tropical THON Dinner Dance 2016 | The Eagles Golf Club

Black Heart Gold Pants

A tailgating tale: Breakfast at Beaver Stadium
York Daily Record (York, Pa.)

Watch the ultimate Penn State Thanksgiving

“Uncharacteristic loss unsettles the Buckeyes.”
Twitter / NYT Sports

NCAA College Football Preview - Penn State Nittany Lions at Michigan State Spartans - Nov 28, 2015
CBS Sports

Michigan football: Defense big part of Wolverines' turnaround
Buckeye Xtra Sports

Big Ten office hands out Week 12 football award winners
Big Ten Network

College Football Playoff: What Each Team Needs to Have Happen
The Weekly Standard

Michigan's run 'D' too much for Nittany Lions

“NCAA says players can't play daily fantasy or suspended a year. But, they can play ball over a giant FanDuel logo on TV. Cha-Ching, baby.”
Twitter / Jay Bilas

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