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Sandusky Scandal (beta*)

Check out Ray Blehar's Second Mile Sandusky Scandal blog.
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Pa. Judge Guts Ex-Penn State Prez's Disparagement Suit ()
Law360 (subscription)

Efforts to reform Pa.'s child-sex crime law nears failure as clock ticks on legislative session ()

Ex-Sandusky attorney to serve 20 months in tax evasion case ()
East Oregonian

Former Pennsylvania AG to Serve 10 to 23 Months for Perjury, Obstruction ()
Light from the Right

Bill O'Brien, Matt Rhule Say They Never Considered Hiring McQueary, Regardless of Circumstances ()
Onward State

Ex-Sandusky Attorney to Serve 20 Months in Tax Evasion Case ()
ABC News

Ex-Sandusky attorney to serve 20 months in tax evasion case ()

Temple football coach Matt Ruhle says "fit" wasn't right with former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary ()

Houston Texans Coach Bill O'Brien says, no offense, but he was never going to hire Mike McQueary ()

Bill O'Brien, Matt Rhule Say They Never Considered Hiring McQueary, Regardless of Circumstances ()

Bill O’Brien, Matt Rhule testify McQueary wasn’t qualified for their coaching staffs ()

Kane must live with her legacy ()
The Altoona Mirror

I buried Penn State. But after its biggest win since Paterno, I must praise it. ()
The Washington Post

Mike McQueary whistlebower case against Penn State moves to dueling experts ()

Ex-Sandusky lawyer Karl Rominger gets federal prison time for tax evasion ()

Ex-Sandusky lawyer Karl Rominger gets federal prison time for tax evasion ()

Disgraced Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane Slapped With Jail Time For Politically-Motivated Grand Jury Leak, Perjury ()

“@YahooForde as a PSU '87 alum, what is the proper amt. of penance I (or others) should pay 4 something I had nothing to do with? Just askin'” ()
Twitter / LBerkland

Forensic accountant says Mike McQueary's earnings potential has taken a seven-digit hit thanks to Sandusky scandal ()

As McQueary Trial Nears End, Friends and Former Colleagues Testify ()
Onward State

“So how does Kane go to jail for allegedly leaking GJ info, but whoever leaked Sandusky GJ info to media gets away scot free. Interesting 🤔🤔” ()
Twitter / Joe Grimes

“Day 7...” ()
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

As McQueary Trial Nears End, Friends and Former Colleagues Testify ()

Former Sandusky lawyer sentenced to federal prison ()


“Once again best reporting on #MMQvPSU case comes from a local. Pay ZERO attn to AP/Pennlive/Philly/Pitt versions:”
Twitter / NellieR

“Erickson's notes mention BOB's hire. Bradley was 'blackballed' by Lubert. @emtfr @psutruthville @Bagwell4Trustee”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Kathleen Kane led away in handcuffs, then released on bail, but the saga is far from over

“Diehl remembered saying 'I would go right to Joe b/c thats...what he charged us with.' @fox43 /3”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“Balanced write up: Erickson Testifies About Decision to Put #McQueary on Leave”
Twitter / wensilver

“Fmr equip manager Brad Caldwell pressed McQ but wouldn't budge. 'What (McQ) went through I feel so bad for him' Caldwell said @fox43”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“.@ap and other news orgs press for unsealing of court records in Penn State administrators' criminal case”
Twitter / Mark Scolforo

Rodney Erickson Testifies About Decision to Put McQueary on Leave

“US Atty's office working overtime”
Twitter / Ryan Bagwell

“@Matt_Maisel gives us a #McQueary trial update on @fox43 #firstat4 at 4:06”
Twitter / WPMT FOX43

“#McQueary update on @fox43 #firstat4 at 4:06 - Football Ops Dir. Kirk Diehl testifying re: meeting w/ McQ, other managers in mid-2000s /1”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“Nothing more ironic than reporters' worrying about being taken out of context.”
Twitter / Bradley Bethel

“How might this $6M libel verdict against a North Carolina newspaper change your thoughts on how you communicate?”
Twitter / Corey Hutchins

“Kane's prosecution was a shot over the bow for next PA AG. Don't try to stop PACORN.”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Former Penn State execs Gary Schultz and Tim Curley won't take stand in Mike McQueary case

Rodney Erickson Testifies About Decision to Put McQueary on Leave
Onward State

“PACORN makes example of Kane via @TeranceH”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

“Diehl testified to close relationship with #McQueary, never made connection to him as being blacklisted by #PennState post scandal @fox43 /3”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“Wait - this isn't new - #PSUBoT meetings are bi-monthly 🤔”
Twitter / wensilver

“.@matt_odonnell so what about Gansler's report? Where is that? We're not getting any answers out here! @AngelasInk”
Twitter / wensilver

Former Pa. Attorney General Sentenced To 10-23 Months In Jail For Perjury

“@GeoffRushton You're doing a great job reporting such an important chapter in this complex, misunderstood saga.”
Twitter / Maribeth Schmidt

“Day 6 saw testimony from former #PSU president #Erickson and an expert witness for the plaintiff....”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

“Also interesting, every indication from #PennState and judge Bill O'Brien will testify. Skype? Today or tomorrow? @fox43 /3”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“@SC_Towny @fox43 Spider hasn't testified yet. Kirk basically said he never connected McQ to scandal. Coaching changes happen. Still on stand”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“AM updates from #McQueary Trial: Judge told jury to expect closing args Thursday, means verdict could happen late Thursday @fox43 /1”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“Looks like Spider Caldwell and Kirk Diehl will testify this morning in McQueary v. Penn State”
Twitter / Geoff Rushton

“I think you mean post-Corbett.”
Twitter / LBerkland

“@Matt_Maisel @fox43 did shelow take the stand - I think he was going to be plaintiff witness”
Twitter / Joe

“@GeoffRushton Thank you for the detailed reporting so far.”
Twitter / wensilver

Kathleen Kane Sentenced to Prison For Grand Jury Leak

Former Pa. Attorney General Sentenced To 10-23 Months In Jail For Perjury

Returns of Bell, Cabinda Fuel Victory Over Ohio State

Kathleen Kane Former Attorney General Sentenced To Prison
Cedar Posts and Barbed Wire Fences

“Bumsted column: the post-Kane toxic clean up:”
Twitter / Brad Bumsted


“Game set match for McQueary?”
Twitter / Ryan Bagwell

For Penn State, a night of catharsis on so many levels
Baltimore Sun

“Something smells.”
Twitter / PSUTruthville

“Sandy Barbour: Due to new Big Ten media deal, Penn State is discussing 'more substantial' athletic money going back to the university.”
Twitter / Jon Solomon

“Plausible scenario re: #McQueary 🤔”
Twitter / wensilver

Wiedmer: Has Penn State learned from its mistakes?
Times Free Press (Chattanooga, Tenn.)

Letters: Honesty doesn't pay for Penn State whistle-blower

Second Mile Sandusky Scandal

“Oh & btw, Karen #Peetz, w/ all her 'football culture' crap, can suck it! Her attempt 2 kill #PSU football failed because #WeAre & she's not”
Twitter / LBerkland

“The PLAYERS told Ganter they wanted LJ & Vandy to say B4 BOB was hired. 1/2 @Bagwell4Trustee”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Mike McQueary trial: Former Penn State President Rodney Erickson testifies

“And yet Frank #Fina answers to no one. What an abomination.”
Twitter / LBerkland

“Many suspect this is real reason #OGPSUOT slipped him over to interim President spot, so they could use as a pawn to say what they wanted.”
Twitter / NellieR

“So, about those ex parte emails & the investigation into #SecondMile. Where the hell are they? 😡”
Twitter / wensilver

“Mike McQueary back on stand today in civil trial: Here's a recap of his direct testimony Friday:”
Twitter / Charles Thompson

“The sanctions were meant to destroy Penn State football for a decade (or more). We just beat the #2 team in the country. HOW.”
Twitter / Ryan Beckler

“Former Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane leaves in handcuffs after her sentencing at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown.”
Twitter / Dan Gleiter

“Former AG Kathleen Kane to be sentenced this morning. Much of her family is in the courtroom - one member holding box of tissues.”
Twitter / Angela Couloumbis

“@wensilver Why isn't Tom Corbett in Jail with his crew? He is part of the Just Us system....”
Twitter / Happy Valley Truth

“' #Freeh was all Moral Outrage hat 🎩 with no cattle 🐄 '”
Twitter / wensilver

“Taking a Steele-y position. #Kane #Freeh #McQueary #PSU ➡️”
Twitter / wensilver

McQueary says 'I did the right thing' during Friday's testimony
The Daily Collegian

“2/2 RV now a LBer coach at Air Force. Bradley is a DC at UCLA #NationalRep? @Bagwell4Trustee”
Twitter / Ray Blehar

“Somewhere, alone, Frank Fina is smoking a Cuban.”
Twitter / Kevin Horne

“MM status was whistleblower they had already deemed him as such. still screwed it up.....”
Twitter / Joe

Twitter / bassbird

“#PSU #sports #journalism 'Unchained Malady': Working on shipping these to Happy Valley. In the meantime, go here:”
Twitter / Tom Owens

“@ChasThompson1 Charlie - you forget how to spell 'ALLEGED'? You seem to miss that very IMPORTANT WORD anymore 🤔 @ChiTownLionPSU”
Twitter / wensilver

“Just laughable #PSU keeps trotting out these witnesses to say they 'placed MMQ on leave for his safety' yet provided no security. #MMQvPSU”
Twitter / NellieR

“People have always cared, but this is the most tangible buzz I can remember around Penn State football since 2010”
Twitter / Ben Jones

“Prosecutors put on AG staff who testified of systematic firings and Nixonian espionage making the office a terror zone.”
Twitter / Peter Hall

“In #PA, when an elected official uncovers corruption w/i the judiciary, what do you do? Put her in jail.”
Twitter / LBerkland

“Not so common threads - Barry #Bozeman...”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

“Based on Tom Corbett's actions & mess that embroiled Kathleen Kane, integrity of chief law enforcement office of #Pennsylvania paramount”
Twitter / laura vecsey

“Erickson apparently had a hand in picking some of OB’s coaching staff. Weird.”
Twitter / Ryan Bagwell

Ex-AG Kane Gets Jail Time for Perjury
The Legal Intelligencer

“I personally think Corbett AG reign was quasi-criminal. But, selective prosecution not a crime. So he got away with it. & everyone knows it”
Twitter / laura vecsey

“@lauravecsey Interesting how PA press steadfastly ignores wrongdoing by Corbett/Fina. Should be demanding Gansler report. @inkyamy”
Twitter / Frank Fina's email

“.@LMcCrystal Office had so much integrity when Corbett lieutenant Fina was sending porn to judges.”
Twitter / Frank Fina's email

“People should understand such situations create psychological trauma. No other explanations needed. @DefendAChild @PeacefulHearts1”
Twitter / John Yonchuk

Ex-Pennsylvania attorney general gets 10 to 23 months in prison

“Well, if you use PA govt resources to share porn maybe you should be fired.”
Twitter / Frank Fina's email

“.@LMcCrystal Oh FFS. Misogynistic & racist ex parte email traffic with judges PREDATED Kane. That was a CORBETT/FINA scandal. @lauravecsey”
Twitter / Frank Fina's email

For Penn State, a night of catharsis on so many levels
The Morning Call

Penn State ranked for first time since 2011 season
The York Dispatch (York, Pa.)

“Former #PA attorney general Kathleen #Kane has been sentenced to 10-23 months in Montgomery County prison....”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

“Former AD #KathleenKane gets parking ticket while in court waiting to find out her sentencing @WGAL”
Twitter / Colton White

“#BREAKING: Former AG Kathleen Kane sentenced to 10 to 23 months in prison”
Twitter /

Former AG Kathleen Kane sentenced to 10 to 23 months in county jail

For first time since 2011, Penn State is back in the Associated Press college football poll

Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane Sentenced to Prison

“Sentence for #KathleenKane expected any minute. So far hearing focused on her damage to the OAG:”
Twitter / Max Mitchell

Kane sentencing set for Monday


Penn State enters AP Top 25, West Virginia climbs to No. 10

“One note of interest: McQueary, after a getting a heads up about the charges, asked PSU's Fran Ganter to give Tim Curley a heads up.”
Twitter / Charles Thompson

“@DVNJr @JeffreyToobin @michaelsokolove Please revisit PSU story. Madatory reporter Dranov just testified McQ's account wasn't report worthy.”
Twitter / Maribeth Schmidt

“Exactly why that '12' senior class stayed and kept it together. For moments down the road like this. Wasn't about us was about the future.”
Twitter / Stephon Morris

Penn State now ranked in AP Poll
Public Opinion

“BREAKING: Penn State is ranked No. 24 in the latest AP Top-25 Poll. It's the first time Penn State has been ranked since Week 14 of 2011.”
Twitter / Onward State

“They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The sanctions were supposed to destroy Penn State for at least a decade. Not today.”
Twitter / PSU Football Fans

A Therapeutic and Historic Victory: Penn State 24, OSU 21
Black Shoe Diaries

“Looking at the rankings like....”
Twitter / the S zone

McQueary takes stand in suit
The Indiana Gazette

“@WillBurge We celebrate for the kids. Read this about the 5th year Sr's who were not born when bad things happened.”
Twitter / Fred Miller

Kane sentencing set for Monday

“An emotional James Franklin: 'This is for this community.' #PennState @WJACTV”
Twitter / Jordan Conigliaro

Franklin: Penn State's upset win helps community 'heal'

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