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Sandusky Scandal (beta*)

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“#spaniertrial and here is @penn_state Al Lord's colorful response to Freeh.” ()
Twitter / Jack Stripling

“Great point PSU Trustee Oldsey makes 🤔 @jackstripling” ()
Twitter / wensilver 🦄☕️

“As the guy who did the report on former Penn State president Spanier's security clearance, I urge you to read this:” ()
Twitter / J R Snedden

“What a baseless conspiracy theory looks like when it goes down in 🔥🔥🔥.” ()
Twitter / PS4RS

Lubert, Lubrano Strike Back Against Freeh Statement ()

Former Penn State President Convicted of Child Endangerment ()
Teen Vogue

Former UNL chancellor found guilty of failing to stop Penn State sex scandal ()
Nebraska Radio Network

Franco Harris reacts to Spanier verdict ()

Former Penn State President 'Showed No Emotion' As He Was Found Guilty in Sandusky Sex Abuse Cover-Up ()

Penn State trustee reacts to Spanier guilty verdict ()

Louis Freeh Savages Penn State’s Leaders and Calls for Its President to Resign – The Ticker ()

“McQueary IDs Eshbach as leaker in Sandusky case @ChiTownLionPSU @MarkHorgas @wensilver @LouPrato @PaAttorneyGen” ()
Twitter / Ray Blehar

Frontier Justice: Dauphin County Jury Convicts Graham Spanier ()
Big Trial

McQueary Becomes Real Whistleblower ()
Second Mile Sandusky Scandal

Former Penn State President Found Guilty in Sandusky Abuse Case ()

Ex-Penn State president found guilty for handling of Jerry Sandusky complaint ()

Louis Freeh Calls For President Barron's Resignation, Bashes Penn State Administrators After Spanier Verdict ()
Onward State

Spanier jury reaches split verdict ()
The Altoona Mirror

PSU statement on Spanier conviction ()

The Latest: Penn State: Conviction shows leaders failed ()
The Telegraph (Macon, Ga.)

Sandusky back in courtroom ()

Graham Spanier Found Guilty Of Child Endangerment, Not Guilty Of Conspiracy ()
Onward State

Things get heated with Jerry Sandusky's former lawyer in court hearing ()
The Morning Call

Graham Spanier, former Penn State president, found guilty of child endangerment ()

Why ex-Penn State president Graham Spanier deserves to go to prison ()
Yahoo! Sports

Penn State ex-president convicted of one charge in Sandusky scandal ()
Business Insider

Graham Spanier, ex-Penn State president, convicted of child endangerment ()
CBS News

Ex-PSU president guilty of misdemeanor in Sandusky case, acquitted on felony counts ()

Jerry Sandusky's former lawyer Joseph Amendola, in court for hearing ()
Centre Daily Times

Ex-Penn State president convicted of child endangerment ()
Daily Mail Online

Ex-Penn State President Guilty of One Count of Child Endangerment ()
NBC 10 Philadelphia

Jerry Sandusky Case: Penn State's Ex-President Guilty of Child Endangerment ()
NBC News

The Latest: Penn State: Conviction shows leaders failed ()
Washington Times

Former Penn State President Guilty in Sandusky Abuse Case ()
The New York Times

Former Penn State President Convicted of Child Endangerment in Sex Abuse Case ()
The Wall Street Journal

Jerry Sandusky Back In Court For Appeals Hearing ()
CBS Philly

On PSU campus, few notice Spanier conviction ()

Spanier Found Guilty on One Count ()

Ex-Penn State president Graham Spanier found guilty ()
The Boston Globe

Spanier’s Conviction Highlights Lessons of Sandusky Scandal ()

Guilty Verdict Puts a Dark Coda on Spanier’s Fall ()

'Evil allowed to run wild': Ex-Penn State president guilty in Sandusky case ()
The Record (Bergen County, N.J.)

Penn State Community Reacts To Spanier Verdict ()

The Latest: Freeh says conviction confirms earlier findings ()
News & Observer

'Zero excuse': Spanier guilty ()

Sandusky's former lawyer gets heated during questioning in court ()

“.@centredaily We have confirmed Louis Freeh's statement with his attorney. This story has been edited to its originally state.” ()
Twitter / Centre Daily Times

Inane Spanier Conviction a Temporary Set Back ()
Second Mile Sandusky Scandal

How Former PSU President Graham Spanier Got Convicted For Something He Didn’t Do ()

“Bernie McCue is driving around State College with his windows down yelling: 'Graham Spanier is a pedophile enabler.' Life in Happy Valley.” ()
Twitter / Kevin Horne

“Louis Freeh has called for Eric Barron's resignation.” ()
Twitter / Centre Daily Times

Louis Freeh blasts former Penn State admins, Joe Paterno and Eric Barron ()
Centre Daily Times


Former Pa. attorney general: Tim Curley, Gary Schultz case a ‘miscarriage of justice’
Centre Daily Times

“‘This was far from a criminal conspiracy to keep the matter under wraps.' #PennState”
Twitter / Legal Intelligencer

“#Spanier update: Jury back at 11:30 to hear read testimony from former Second Mile boss Jack Raykovitz. Ordering lunch now. @fox43”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

Spanier jury fails to reach verdict
The Altoona Mirror

“Graham Spanier defense said they will appeal. @69News”
Twitter / Bo Koltnow

Re-cap of Spanier trial

“#Spanier update: Two more questions from jury: What is a 'supervisor' and more on conspiracy definition. Jury dinner starting now. @fox43”
Twitter / Matt Maisel

“#BREAKING Prosecution CONFIRMS Graham #Spanier found guilty of MISDEMEANOR charge of Endangering the Welfare of Children #spaniertrial”
Twitter / Matthew Baumgarten

“@StateCollegecom With no course of conduct, it's a misdemeanor”
Twitter / Jimmy W

“Dismissing the #Spanier jury for the evening”
Twitter / wensilver 🦄☕️

“#BREAKING There's now discussion as to whether this will be a felony charge or a misdemeanor charge. Jury found 'no course of conduct'”
Twitter / Matthew Baumgarten

Graham Spanier trial, Jerry Sandusky scandal fallout
Centre Daily Times

“#BREAKING: Fmr. Penn State pres. Graham Spanier found guilty on one count of child endangerment; cleared on 2nd count and of conspiracy”
Twitter / Rob Vaughn

Sandusky appeals conviction
WGAL Lancaster

Spanier Trial Closes With Appeal to Moral Outrage

“The #Spanier jury may adjourn shortly for the evening”
Twitter / wensilver 🦄☕️

Graham Spanier, former Penn State president, found guilty of child endangerment

“To recap: Spanier/Schultz/Curley were charged with 22 crimes and 14 felonies. Those resulted in 3 convictions. Emblematic of 2011 rush.”
Twitter / Kevin Horne

Jury fails to reach verdict in Penn State ex-president trial
The Washington Post

Penn State Graham Spanier trial, verdict, Jerry Sandusky scandal
Centre Daily Times

“On day 2 of deliberations the jury had the testimony of former Second Mile exec Jack Raykovitz read to them.”
Twitter / Centre Daily Times

Amendola Defends Costas Interview at Sandusky Hearing

Penn State, Jerry Sandusky scandal, Gary Schultz, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley
Centre Daily Times

Jerry Sandusky speaks as he enters courthouse
Centre Daily Times

Sandusky in court to ask judge for new trial

Judge In Msgr. Lynn Case Finds Prosecutorial Misconduct
Big Trial

“Without course of conduct, EWOC statute of limitations is two years. | 7/1/16 motion, p11-12”
Twitter / Jimmy W

“Graham Spanier found guilty on one felony charge of child endangerment. Not guilty on second child endangerment & conspiracy charges”
Twitter /

“Graham Spanier jury is apparently in, per email. Friday afternoons yay”
Twitter / Anna Orso

Ex-Penn State president guilty of 1 count of child endangerment

Deliberations To Resume In Penn State Ex-President’s Trial
CBS Pittsburgh

Defense Rests In Graham Spanier Trial
Onward State

Lessons in past PSU priorities
Pocono Record (Stroudsburg, Pa.)

Jury in Penn State ex-leader case asks questions

“With no course of conduct, the EWOC charge did not meet the statute of limitations, per OAG argument 8/16/16, p.12”
Twitter / Jimmy W

Sandusky arrives at appeal hearing

Jury fails to reach verdict in Penn State ex-president trial
McClatchy DC

Deliberations in Spanier trial to continue Friday

Spanier’s defense rests without calling any witnesses
The Altoona Mirror

Spanier case goes to the jury

Jury rehears testimony in Penn St. ex-president’s trial
The Detroit News

Jerry Sandusky expected in court today

Spanier jury goes home after deliberating six hours
The Altoona Mirror

Jury gets case in trial of Penn State's ex-president
FOX Sports

“Judge In Msgr. Lynn Case Finds Prosecutorial Misconduct”
Twitter / Big Trial

Sandusky appears before judge in bid for new trial

Defense Calls No Witnesses, Spanier Case Now In Jury's Hands


Trial: Curley Blows Up Key Freeh Finding
Second Mile Sandusky Scandal

Two days and done: A look at the strengths, holes of prosecution case against Graham Spanier

“The star witness for Spanier defense will be @JRSnedden Here's his report for Fed Gov on Spanier I released recently”
Twitter / John Ziegler

Defense rests in trial of Penn State's ex-president Graham Spanier
CSN Philly

Defense In Graham Spanier Case Rests Without Calling One Witness
Big Trial

Commonwealth Court reverses decision on reimbursement of attorneys fees related to Freeh Report
Pennsylvania Record

Ex-Penn St. VP testifies former school president told him Sandusky incident was 'handled'
Yahoo! Sports

Former PSU AD Tim Curley testifies in Spanier trial, denies hearing about a sex act in showers

Prosecution Rests In Spanier Case; On Track To End This Week

“Wednesday recap Spanier trial #PSU”
Twitter / SMSS FREEHdomFighter

“.@ChasThompson1: 'The defense had kind of a good day...the state case was perhaps less than they hoped it would be.'”
Twitter / Kevin Horne

Tim Curley, Gary Schultz testify in Graham Spanier trial
Centre Daily Times

Prosecution Rests in Trial of Former PSU President Spanier

Remorseful, Spanier’s Lieutenants Say They Failed Children

Schultz Testifies, Prosecution Rests in Spanier Trial

Gary Schultz Testifies In Spanier Trial
Onward State

Charlie Thompson wraps up day 3 of Graham Spanier trial

Curley Says He Should Have Done More

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier brings defamation suit against Louis Freeh
The Daily Collegian

“Tim Curley admitted his guilt in the child endangerment case and was remorseful during today's testimony.”
Twitter / Onward State

Defense rests in trial of Penn State’s ex-president

Mike McQueary Testifies In Trial of Former Penn State President
News Radio 1200 WOAI

Penn State ex-VP Gary Schultz testimony, Graham Spanier trial, Jerry Sandusky
Centre Daily Times

Jury to get child endangerment case of ex-Penn State president

Former PSU athletic director testifies against Spanier

'I should have done more,' ex-Penn State official says - - March 23, 2017
The Indiana Gazette

Ex-Penn St official: 'I should have done more' in abuse case
Quincy Herald Whig

Former Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley testifies on second day of Graham Spanier trial
The Daily Collegian

Key Witness In Spanier Trial Says He Wishes He’d Done More

Anti-Child Abuse Laws Overburdening Pennsylvania Child And Youth Agencies

Defense To Begin In Trial Of Penn State’s Former President
CBS Pittsburgh

Curley, Schultz testify in Spanier trial as prosecution rests

Tim Curley Testifies During Day Two Of Spanier Trial
Onward State

“On second day of Graham Spanier trial, Tim Curley testifies that he 'should have done more' about Sandusky case”
Twitter / The Daily Collegian

Former Penn State AD Testifies Against Former President In Child Endangerment Case


Former administrator takes stand at trial of ex-Penn State president

A new voice: Former Second Mile boss Jack Raykovitz gives his first public testimony in Sandusky scandal

“That is 💯 correct. On the stand, McQ said OAG called him to tell him they were about to leak GJ presentment. Should be in court record.”
Twitter / Maribeth Schmidt

Penn State Graham Spanier, Jerry Sandusky, trial
Centre Daily Times

Graham Spanier, Jerry Sandusky scandal, Tim Curley
Centre Daily Times

McQueary, Others Offer Familiar Testimony at Spanier Trial

“Pennsylvania's ex-attorney general sentenced to jail for grand jury leak”
Twitter / Jim Cummings

“I look forward to all the many stories on Spanier trial focused on McQueary accidentally revealing he was told of coming GJ leak #DreamWorld”
Twitter / John Ziegler

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier let evil 'run wild' by mishandling info in Sandusky scandal, prosecutor says

Former Penn State President's Criminal Trial Set to Resume
Bloomberg Politics

Prosecutor: Ex-Penn St. leader let Sandusky 'run wild'
York Daily Record (York, Pa.)

Spanier Trial Opens With Former Penn State President Facing Charges With Few Precedents

Prosecution slowly building case in former Penn State head's trial

Prosecutor: Spanier let evil ‘run wild’
The Altoona Mirror

Jerry Sandusky scandal, former Penn State president Graham Spanier's trial begins
Centre Daily Times

Former Penn State president begins trial in Sandusky case
Daily Mail Online

Ex-Penn State VP, AD could testify

Spanier trial moves to witness testimony, including former coach McQueary

Trial against former PSU President starts

Felony child endangerment trial underway for former Penn State president
The Denver Post

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